5 Popular Business Degrees

Business Degrees

There are many types of business degrees. You can pursue a business career with an Associate’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree or Doctorate. Earning a business degree could improve your leadership, organizational and business knowledge. With the many certified business courses available online and at a campus, which business degree should you pursue? To help out, we’ve gathered information about 5 popular business degrees for you.

The 5 popular business degrees are:

1. Associate’s Degree

AA (Associate or Art), AAS (Associate of Applied Science) and ABA (Associate of Business Administration) are all Associate’s Degrees. The most popular in this class of business degrees are ABA and AAS in management.

Associate’s Degrees usually take 2 years to earn. The minimum requirement is to have a certificate of General Education Development (GED) or High School Diploma.

2. Bachelor’s Degree

Bachelor’s Degrees in business include BA (Bachelor of Arts), BS (Bachelor of Science), BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration), BBus (Bachelor of Business), BCom (Bachelor of Commerce), BSBA (Bachelor of Science and Business Administration), BAcc (Bachelor of Accountancy), BABA (Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration), BMOS (Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies) and BBusSc (Bachelor of Business Science). The most popular ones are BBA, BBusSc and BBus.

Bachelor’s Degrees of any kind usually require 3 to 4 years of coursework. A Bachelor’s Degree in business is not an exemption, as it typically requires 4 years to complete. You can pursue this degree from universities and certified schools that offer business administration concentrations.

3. Master’s Degree

Available Master’s Degrees in business include: MBA (Master of Business Administration), MMR (Master of Marketing Research), MBM (Master of Business and Management), MM (Master of Management), MAcc (Master of Accounting), MPA (Master of Public Administration), MSF (Master of Science in Finance), MSMR (Master of Science in Marketing Research), MSM (Master of Science in Management), MSc (Master of Science, MISM (Master of Information Systems Management), MHA (Masters of Health Administration), MMS (Master of Management Studies), EMBA (Executive MBA), MST (Master of Studies), MCom (Masters of Commerce), MA (Master of Arts) and MPhil (Master of Philosophy).

The most popular one of these Master’s Degrees is the MBA (Masters in Business Administration), followed by MM (Masters in Management). Master of Philosophy degrees (MPhil) are awarded to students in some schools in place of Masters of Science (MSc) or Master of Arts (MA). Some schools that do this are the Cambridge Judge Business School and For example; it is so in institutions like Cambridge and Said Business School of the University of Oxford.

Most Master’s Degrees are earned within 1 to 2 years. The same goes for completing a Master’s Degree program in business. A Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent is a prerequisite to pursuing a Master’s Degree in Business.

4. Post Graduate Degree

All post graduate business degrees are common. They include the PGPBM (Post Graduate Program in Business Management), PGDBM (Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management), PGPM (Post Graduate Program in Management) and PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management).

Post Graduate Degrees generally require a Bachelor’s Degree or advanced diploma. Duration is dependent on the student at most times, but it on average it’s about 1 to 3 years.

5. Doctoral

All Doctoral Degrees in business are common. They include Ph.D in Management, DBA (Doctor of Business Administration), DM (Doctor of Management), DHA (Doctor of Health Administration), DCom (Doctor of Commerce) and DPS (Doctor of Professional Studies).

Every business school has its specific requirements for admission for you to pursue a business degree. The Doctoral Degree in business is usually sought after a Bachelor Degree is obtained, but duration for this study is around 3 to 7 years. Most of this time is spent doing research.


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