Business Careers for MBA Graduates

Business Careers for MBA Graduates

An MBA is the premier business degree sought out by companies both large and small.  If you are a business school graduate and have received an MBA degree, there are many different industries in which a you could look for work.  Here is a list of careers that might be right for you after receiving your MBA:*



These professionals help businesses keep track of the money they make and spend.  They do so by preparing financial records based on company transactions which can then be reviewed by management, government agencies, and potential investors.  These records must be accurate and they must make sure that the information which investors and tax authorities rely on is correct at all times.  Those with MBA degrees usually specialize in various accounting fields including auditing and cost accounting. 


Advertising Executives

These executives rely upon their own creativity to create unique advertisement campaigns which successfully drive consumers to purchase products or services.  First, they complete the necessary marketing research, so as to better understand the targeted demographics.  Then they develop advertising campaigns using various multimedia sources at their disposal.  Their goal is to help build a company's brand and drive sales of their existing product lines.  MBAs that have advanced training in advertising may be sought out for these types of positions within corporate organizations.



Recruiters are responsible for locating, researching, and interviewing job applicants on behalf of clients. Their clients are usually larger corporations looking for quality workers.  Whether they are recruiting staff members or executives, these professionals are tasked with helping businesses to secure the best talent within their industry.  MBAs who have excellent communication skills and an in-depth understanding of the recruiting process may be eligible to earn commissions based on their work.


Financial Analysts

These analysts assess a company's financial well-being for clients, investors, and third party agencies.  They also prepare recommendations based on the information gathered as to whether or not individual companies should be granted credit or cash from either banks or investors.  MBA graduates can apply for entry level positions within these companies. 


Human Resources Manager

A human resources manager is required to formulate the policies and rules pertaining to current employees within a company.  The managers oversee employee relations and ensure that existing policies meet the legal requirements of existing federal, state, and local laws. 


Public Relations Expert

PR specialists help to manage the images and reputations of both individuals and companies.  They do so by utilizing media as well as advertising in order to sway a public's opinion concerning a certain situation.  These workers may perform other tasks on behalf of management at companies, including preparing speeches, writing reports and press releases, and creating the content for websites.



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