What is the Salary for a Business Degree?

Business Degree Salary

A business degree salary is as varied as the areas of specialization.  However, according to the April 2013 Salary Survey reported by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), those with business degrees have an average entry level salary of $54 234. This amount represents a 7.1 % increase from 2012 which was $50 633. These figures include all categories of business majors.*

According to this same report, the three business majors which received a double-digit increase in entry level salary are finance (10.4 %), hospitality services management (29.9 %), and international business (37.9 %). As these results increased, the average entry level salary for all the categories of business majors jumped 7.1 % from the 2012 average. A breakdown of the top eight majors in terms of entry level salary reveals the following:

1.      Accounting: $53 300

2.      Business administration/management: $55 300

3.      Economics (business/managerial): $55 100

4.      Finance: $57 400

5.      Hospitality services management: $42 600

6.      International business: $45 500

7.      Management information systems/business: $63 100

8.      Marketing/marketing management (including marketing research): $51 000

Of the above eight majors, only two saw a reduction in entry level salary when compared to 2012. These two areas are marketing/marketing management (including marketing research) by -2.5 %. Dropping the most was economics (business/managerial), which experienced a -4.2 % entry level salary reduction.*

Additionally, accounting and business administration/management have experienced the same level of increase in starting salary which is 7.2 %. The business major with the highest starting salary is management information systems/business. The majority of business majors have been increasing, which is a good sign for business graduates and the economy.



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*For more information, please visit: http://www.naceweb.org/SearchResults.aspx?searchtext=business+degree