Degrees for Future Small Business Owners

Degrees for Future Small Business Owners

While many degree seekers have ambitions to join the workforce through hire at a large corporation or firm, most graduates will be employed by a Small Business.  Other college students and entrepreneurs intended to be their own boss by stating a new business.   According to the September 2012 report by the US government Small Business Administration, a Small Business is one that employs less than 500 workers.  Small businesses account for 99.7% of US employer firms and start-up and established firms account for 64% of new private-sector jobs and contributes 33% of the US exporting value. 

With this in mind, it’s hard to imagine how a Liberal Arts degree is going to help you effectively run or work for a Small Business.  A better choice would be to enroll in a Business, Management or Marketing Degree Program, where you’ll learn principles for management, accounting, information technology and public policy.  A successfully run business requires a network of variously skilled employees, so while you may not want to take the risks opening a new business entails, you can certainly find gainful employment as an Accountant, Warehouse Operations Manager, Project Manager, Receptionist or Human Resources Manager.  

Many degree programs are offered under the Business, Management and Marketing majors that will better suit your ideal career path, whether it’s Retail Management, Acquisitions and Contracts, Executive Assistant, Research and Development, Accounting or Non-Profit Organizational Management.  These programs can be found though an online or campus based university.  It’s also a good idea to pursue a minor in an area that will enhance your natural talents and passion for the kind of business you’d like to run or work for.  For example, by combining an Art History minor with a Non-Profit Management major, one could potentially work in a Museum, Historical Society or even open your own gallery. 

While opening your own business is a high risk enterprise, it can also be incredibly rewarding being your own boss and making hiring and management decisions that will lead you down the road to financial freedom.  Small Business Owners keep our economy healthy b expanding job growth and export value through the private and public sectors.  By pursing a degree in Business, Management and Marketing you can arm yourself with the skills and knowledge to either run your own successful small business or help an existing business become a more prosperous one. 



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