Different Types of Business Administration Degrees

Different Types of Business Administration Degrees

After graduating from high school, students may wish to make a career in business administration and related fields. However, they sometimes get intimidated by the number of options available in this field. As a student, it is very important that you make the right choices so that you may secure your future. You need to choose business administration degrees on the basis of your career goals, aptitude and more. Basically, there are three kinds of degrees that you may come across, namely Associate degree, Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree. Here is an overview on all these options*.

Associate Degree in Business Administration- an associate degree would be preparing you for basic or entry level jobs in the field of business administration. Also known as the ABA, this degree has a course duration of two years. This degree is good for those who are looking for an entry into business management sector in the shortest possible time. You may earn this degree after high school or after a business certification course**.

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration- A BBA or Bachelor’s in business administration degree is more advanced as compared to the ABA. The 4 year course duration prepares you for a number of administrative and management fields. You must go for a BBA degree if you are looking for a further academic career. However, after graduation, you may still have plenty of career options to choose from**.

Master’s Degree in Business Administration- This is the second highest qualification that you may get in business administration degrees after a Doctoral degree. However, for most of the people, getting an MBA degree would be enough to pursue an excellent business career. Keep in mind that the GMAT is an essential qualification in these cases. Look only for accredited colleges so that the quality of education and your earning prospects are better**.

After an MBA, you might also wish to opt got a Doctoral degree. However, this degree is suggested only for the academically inclined students. There are general as well as specialized business administration degrees. You may opt for communication, healthcare, accounts, finance, hospitality management, human resource, marketing, advertising, sales, public accounting and more. Before you chose any degree, make sure that you read about the details of the course and ensure that you get a major of your choice. You may be working as senior or junior managers, executives, analysts etc. as per your degree choice. The average salary in this field goes from $38,000 to $52,000 with lucrative options for deserving candidates***.



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