How to Become an Accountant

How to Become an Accountant

An accountant is the backbone of any organization. Without maintaining proper financial accounts, it becomes difficult for any organization to keep pace with its industry. Hence, there is always a great demand of experienced and well qualified accountants in all the sectors of the industry. According to the experience level, several companies are ready to give a considerable salary to the accountants as well. If you are looking forward to make a career as an accountant, then you may want to check out the basics of this profession.

If you wish to work under an organization, then you would be called a Certified Accountant. You may handle all the daily accounts of the organizations, rectify the errors, manage different types of accounts, and create balance sheets and more. On the other hand, there are Chartered Accountants who handle independent firms for accounts. These accountants are generally more highly qualified than the certified accountants. Apart from the usual balancing and auditing work, you would also have to act as an advisor to the business finances. As you are the person who closely monitors all the business activities, your role becomes more important in the organization*.

In order to become an accountant, you may first have to graduate with an accounting degree and then join as a trainee accountant for the next three or so years. You would be working under efficient supervision from senior accountants during this time, but you would have to become more responsible and start handling individual tasks as soon as possible. Not only this, you are also expected to learn as much about accounting as you can so that your career has the opportunity to move on a smoother path. During this time, you would also have to choose the specialization area for your profession. You would be paid a salary during the training period as well**.

An accountant may need to possess certain personality traits in order to excel in his work. As such, accounting may demand you to do the same work every day. Therefore, you need to be persevering in your tasks. Secondly, you may need to be good at mathematics and must also have an analytical brain. You must always be ready to learn, as business and accounting practices tend to keep changing with time, especially in terms of taxes. The more you work on these qualities, the better accountant you would become.

The average median salary of an accountant can easily range up to $54, 630 per year. (*3) This is an attractive offer as there is a huge diversity in the number of fields that one can chose in accounting. If you incline more towards taxes and management accounts, then you may be finding brighter career opportunities. Make sure that you have become a CPA or a Certified Management Accountant. It is a four-section exam held by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants which needs to be passed by you. Other accreditations like CMA, CISA and CFE can be achieved once you chose the path you wish to take in accounts***.          



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