How to Become a Business Operations Manager

How to Become a Business Operations Manager

A business operations manager is a very important position within any company. The duties they perform are numerous and very sensitive. Apart from being the employer of various people who handle different departments, they have the responsibility of acquiring materials that clients or customers need. On a daily basis they are likely to make decisions that will directly affect the financial stability of the company. This added responsibility however is simply the mark of a higher level position with greater chance of job fulfillment.

Educational requirements of a Business Operations Manager include a Master’s or at minimum a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, however requirements may vary according to the organization. Some institutions even ask for years of experience before offering one the position, but in some instances, significant experience within the organization may lead one to be promoted to this level. For one to be considered for the position, they need to have the ability to make quick and effective decisions that are likely to impact positively in the organization. At the same time, they need to have good communication skills that will enable them to pass information effectively within the organization.

While undergoing trainings, students who wish to be operations managers have to be trained in handling finances within the organization, business and strategic management skills, health matters, computer hardware and software, communication skills, business planning and strategic skills among others. All the training is to give a trainee the opportunity to oversee payroll policies and procedures, apply financial concepts in management, ensure the smooth daily running activities of institution, asses how funds allocated for different departments are spent and check on the financial statements to ensure that each allocation is put into their intended purpose.

Upon employment, the operations manager has to communicate well with other companies and institutions that do business with theirs. This also helps in building a good working relationship with business partners. The manager also has to put together all the financial reports to be viewed and reviewed by the top executive of the company. In fact, this is the most sensitive part of the job. The manager has to work closely with other managers to come up with priority projects that are likely to boost the organization, while at the same time, they have to resolve insider conflicts that sometimes do come up.

This job is demanding because it involves a lot of responsibility over a wide range of duties. Since this is a sensitive post, most operations managers are normally required to have satisfactory experience within a given working environment. In most instances, those who have shown exemplary service towards the organization will normally be preferred for the job. Those who exhibit strong leadership abilities have an added advantage.


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