How to Become an HR Manager

How to become an HR Manager

The work of an HR manager is not just hiring and firing of employees as it was previously. A human resources manager takes care of the biggest asset of the organization from the day he or she becomes the member of the organization until the time they leave. Everything related to employees is taken care of by the HR manager. The HR manager now works as a generalist, specialist, as a consultant, OD practitioner, Business partner etc. The role of HR manager starts from manpower planning, strategic planning, recruiting, inducting, engaging etc. An HR manager stays with the employee till the employee life cycle completes.

The role of HR manager is very crucial, as success of an organization depends on the interpersonal relationships between management and employees. An HR manager aligns the individual goal of employees with organizational goal. This goal is decided by the senior management of the company. Another important part played by a human resources manager is the employee engagement and employee retention, which is very important for a business. Talent retention is another important aspect of an HR manager`s role.

Education of the HR manager depends on the role he will be handling in the organization. An HR manager would benefit from having a bachelor’s degree in a business-related field as well as knowledge in the social sciences*. Some people shift to HR roles from different business functions. The HR manager has to deal with different kinds of work environment; if it is the corporate house then work environment will be different from an HR manager who is working as a plant manager. Apart from basic knowledge about HR, one should also be aware of prevalent laws in the area.

Salary of the HR manager is usually less than that of marketing, sales or finance professionals, and the reason being that the market and sales are having very high variable pays which are performance linked. On an average the starting salary for an HR manager is around $22,000* at entry-level. However, if you decide to put in years of time into this career, you could be earning an average of $99,180 per year*.

An HR manager has to take of the somewhat difficult task of managing all employees in a company. An HR manager needs to be analytic and should know how to communicate his results in business language and one should try to avoid HR jargons because a connection is needed with the employees which is made by using simple language. They have to fine and tread the fine line between being the champion of the people as well as strategic partner in the company. They need to be the expert on the people’s issues in a business**.


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