How to Earn a Master's in Business Marketing

How to Earn a Master's in Business Marketing

A master's degree in business marketing may be your ticket to better job promises and higher earnings. A Master’s degree works as an evidence to your current employer or potential employer that you have a formal training, proficiency and abilities to work at management level. Although, people still earn a master’s in business marketing by attending brick and mortar institutions, some of them are choosing to obtain same degrees by attending online schools.

Prospects of MS in Marketing

The term marketing is much more than a statement or some beautifully designed advertisement. The most essential question, which covers the domain of marketing is, how do you ensure you translate your customers’ requirements and deliver superior value to them?

A senior level business marketing executives may address critical issues address such as:

  • How to ground sound & productive relationships b/w organizations and targeted markets?
  • What are the promotional programs that may be helpful in building sound & productive relationship?
  • What is the USP of the organization and how to narrate the same to targeted market?

MBA Degree Requirements/Eligibility

Primarily, a master’s degree in business marketing is designed to provide the necessary skill-set, which helps you succeed in securing upper and middle level positions in marketing.

  1. The basic eligibility parameter for most USA universities for seeking admission to the MBA program is 16 years of undergraduate education.
  2. The MS program may include 2 years of education after receiving a 4-year bachelor’s degree in business or a related field.
  3. Additionally, apart from the educational parameters, the universities look for leadership qualities in an applicant. The Applicant may demonstrate his leadership qualities through work experiences or through leadership achievements.

Other Requirements

  1. Graduate Management Admissions Test, which is commonly known as the GMAT. For an applicant to seek admission in any B-school, securing an adept GMAT score is another significant criteria.
  2. TOEFL or IELTS Score

For many US Universities, an applicant must be proficient in English language. The applicant may demonstrate is mastery or proficiency of the English language by an IELTS score of 6.5 or above or TOEFL score of 79.

  1. Letters of recommendation

References from either personal or professional sources are also required for seeking admission in any B-school. Usually, 2-3 such documents are required from the applicants. The references should not be from family but from academic or professional sources describing leadership qualities of an applicant.

  1. Statement of Purpose

Also, an applicant is supposed to submit a statement of purpose outlining, how and why he or she is willing to seek admission in that B-school. In the statement of purpose, the applicant must emphasize on his aims & objectives.

Work Experience

For seeking admission to the top B-schools in the United States of America a couple of years work experience is essential. Well, this is not mandatory, but required by most business schools.  An all-inclusive resume’ of an applicant is part of an application, in which professional work experience, the designations held and achievements must be explained in-detail.


In order to know the applicant better, most business schools may call the applicant for an interview.

Carrer Prospects after Master’s in Business Marketing

Some of the notable Career choices for marketing post graduates are:

  • Sales Manager
  • Advertising and Promotions Managers
  • Purchasing Managers
  • Survey Researchers
  • Public Relation Managers and several more…



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