How to Earn an Operations Management Degree

How to Earn an Operations Management Degree

Pursuing a degree in operations management sets students on their way to fruitful and dynamic careers. An operations management degree holder can qualify for a number of positions in some of the leading industries, which are predicted to see an increase in demand for operations managers.

While there are number of operations management programs offered to students, the selection of program entirely depends upon an individual’s career objectives. Students can consider choosing courses in operations management like a Bachelor’s degree in operations management, an MBA (Operations Management), Master’s degree in operations management, and a PhD program.

An overview

Operations management is a professional course that is centered on designing, implementing strategies, and controlling the production process. An operations management degree involves a number of responsibilities such as product designing, quality management, and management of supply chain process.

Educational requirements and course duration

Students looking to make a career in the field of operations must earn a degree in operations management. An operations manager should be capable of understanding the processes that are lined up with the current situation. If you have leadership qualities, ability to make informed decision, good communication, and skills to resolve issues, then operations management program could be a good fit for you. Have a look at eligibility criteria and duration of a course if you are planning to become an operations manager.

  • Bachelor’s degree in operations management *

To be admitted into a bachelor’s degree program, you must have at least a high school degree. In general, the duration of bachelor’s degree in operations management is usually 3 years.

  • Master’s degree in operations management

To pursue this operations management program, you must have completed a bachelor’s degree in any discipline from an accredited college, university, or similar institute. The duration of a master’s degree in operations management is generally 2 years.  

  • Advance Certificate Course

Other than bachelors and masters degree in operations management, you can also consider going for advance certificate course. To opt for this course, you must hold a high school degree or equivalent from any recognized college. It requires around 6 months to a year to complete the course.

Career Options

Students who have earned an operations management degree can start their career in the fields like quality management, logistics, production control, and delivery management. Specialists can garner the opportunities to work with cross-functional teams engaged in strategy development, product design, technology planning, and process re-engineering.

In addition to this, an operations management degree holder can work as a Support Manager, Warehouse Manager, Forecasting Manager, Control Manager, Operations Planner, Materials Manager and Inventory Planner.  With this degree, you can be a master of a business-oriented approach and learn how to run retail chains, computer-integrated firms and distribution centers.


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