How to Earn a Pharmaceutical Management Degree

How to Earn a Pharmaceutical Management Degree

Pharmaceutical Management degrees may be an option to the traditional MBA program. This specialization allows graduates to gain experience in the field of pharmaceuticals. This area of healthcare management has experienced an exciting amount of growth and breakthroughs in areas such as pharmaceutical research. With a need for well-educated graduates to lead projects in the pharmaceutical field, major companies such as Bristol-Myers Squib commonly partner with a university that offers the pharmaceutical management degree option. These partnerships are beneficial to students as well since they provide insight into the outlook for employment post grad*.

Since the degree is a Master's, the student has completed a Bachelor's program and may commonly take two years to finish this advanced degree. Common courses in a pharmaceutical management degree include; legal issues in the pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical marketing research, pharmaceutical product management, and managing the pharmaceutical sales organization*.

The overall goal of the degree program is to prepare students to use the technical knowledge they have obtained during undergraduate studies and use it in a management role. According to the Occupational Employment Statistics, medical management jobs are expected to experience a larger than average growth in the next ten years. Since the entry level positions do require a Bachelor's degree, those with a Master's in Pharmaceutical Management may be placing themselves in a position to be hired at a higher rate with more options available**.

The average wages in this area of employment are $88,580 annually. The majority of jobs are available in major metropolitan areas of the country. Geography causes the average wage to vary though graduates may expect to earn a six figure income for this in demand career**.

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