Latest Business Degree Salary for Career Starters

Business Degree Salary

Do you still have doubts of finishing or starting a business degree? Here are some discussion points that could shape your decision.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the starting, or lower end, business degree salaries are as such:

Accountants and Auditors: $38,940*
Market Research Analysts: $33,350**
Financial Analysts: $44,490***
Management Analysts: $43,900****

As with many other professional fields, the average entry level business degree salary varies depending on experience, location and the specific area of the major. For example, person A and person B both have a degree in Finance but person A only has a Bachelor’s degree (BS) while person B has a PhD.  This means that person B may most likely earn a higher average salary than person A, as he or she has probably acquired more skill and expertise in the area of study.

What Do These Business Degree Salary Averages Imply?

Business degree holders generally try to advance in their career path to take on leadership roles such as team leaders, project managers and even as Chief Executive Officers. Having a business degree has the potential of being a wonderful asset for one to have.

What Does It Take To Finish A Business Degree?

For those pursuing a Bachelors degree in Business Administration, it typically requires three to four years of study and hard work, touching on broad subjects since the world of commerce truly has a wide scope. In many colleges and universities, the third or fourth year is the time when a student narrows down into a specialization such as real estate, finance, marketing, branding or entrepreneurship—to name a few.


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