Stanford Business School

Stanford Business School

The Stanford Business School or Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) is one of the professional institutions of Stanford University situated in Stanford, California. Stanford offers Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree, MS-x Program (full-time 12-month Masters of Science in Management mainly for mid-career executives) and Ph.D. program together with joint degrees which includes Education, Engineering, Law, Medicine, and Earth Sciences*.

Of all prominent business schools in the United States, Stanford seeks to help students foresee possible targets and accomplish the same using principled leadership and innovative problem solving. The MBA program as well as other degrees accepts only the most outstanding students and faculty coming from the seven institutions of Stanford University, distinguished alumni, professionals from Silicon Valley hub, and global executives. The school’s Knight Management Center was built based on the eminent standards of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum sustainability. The state-of-the-art complex integrates high-tech classrooms, meeting facilities, student services, and Stanford Venture Studio for hopeful entrepreneurs**.

At present, Stanford Business School is tied for number one among the most respectable business schools in the whole world as per the United States News & World Report. The MBA program of Stanford GBS leads all schools in this publication’s 2013 power rankings as well as Global MBA rankings of the Financial Times in 2012. Stanford was at the number four position of Bloomberg Business Week in 2010*.

During the latest cumulative "ranking of rankings" of business schools in the United States, the MBA curriculum was number five in the Financial Times and second in Poets & Quants. The standing is a fusion of five primary MBA rankings published by U.S. News & World Report, Bloomberg Business Week, The Economist, Financial Times, Forbes, and Wall Street Journal. Two years ago, Aspen Institute ranked Stanford Business School number one globally. Aspen categorizes institutions based on its capability to integrate social and ecological leadership issues into the school curriculum*.

The Graduate School of Business of Stanford University is acknowledged as the most discriminating MBA syllabus globally. It takes in only seven percent of applicants compared to Harvard’s 12 percent. The mean Grade Point Average (GPA) of MBA candidates at the business school is 3.6. Standard in-state tuition is $59, 550**.

Stanford Business School made significant changes to its curriculum in 2006 (June). It created a so-called "Personalized MBA Education" with four focus points*:

  • Offer students personalized experience with broader course topics and provide personal course planning and faculty education.
  • Intensify intellectual experience with various small but high-impact seminars on critical and analytical thinking.
  • Promote global business education using new module options and oblige international experience from students.
  • Expand focus on communications skills and leadership competence that evaluate personal strong points of students.

On the whole, Stanford University looks at the adaptable program as a valuable point of demarcation that leverages the school’s smaller population against the other leading MBA programs. It also introduced the Stanford MS-x Course which is aimed at helping participants reinforce capabilities in organizational leadership and build up strategic and integrated perspectives on organizational leadership***.



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