Top Undergraduate Business Schools in the U.S.

Top Undergraduate Business Schools in the U.S.

Business courses are some of the most competitive in the country. Indeed, careers in the business field may be deeply satisfying and have the potential to offer great opportunities for personal advancement. It may be important to get appropriate training in this regard if one hopes for success in any business-related industry. Several schools offer excellent training, and it would be appropriate to know some of the very best that you may want to consider.

Below are some of the top undergraduate business schools in the US in 2013:

1. Mendoza College of Business; The University of Notre Dame

Founded in 1921, Mendoza College of Business is ranked as the #1 undergraduate business school in 2013. It promotes ethics and value-based leadership. The school enrols about 1900 students with 6 different majors to choose from. Its three year program offers a Bachelor is Business Administration (BBA) and is #1 overall in student satisfaction*.

2. McIntire School of Commerce; University of Virginia

With a combination of liberal arts and the skills necessary for the competitive global marketplace, McIntire gives students the skills and knowledge to have the potential to succeed upon completion of the program. Students first take two years of liberal arts, math, business theory, and economics, then are eligible to apply for the school in their third year. The school was established in 1952 and has a legacy of successful alumni come from inside its walls**.

3. Dyson School of Applied Economics; Cornell University

Originally, Dyson was an agriculturally-focused school. Later, there was a transition which focused more so on resource economics and applied economics. Dyson prides itself on its unique and democratic approach to learning. It offers a B.S. in Applied Economics and Management (BSAEM), with 10 different focuses within. Dyson is one of the most selective and smallest 4 year programs in the United States***.

4. Olin Business School; Washington University

Offering a B.S. in Business Administration and 12 degree programs within, Olin Business School is in the top ranks for best undergraduate business schools. Founded in 1917, Olin offers a flexible and hands-on curriculum, with world-class professors and several internship opportunities. Students will learn about stock investments and building portfolios, which are valuable skills and needed in the workplace upon degree completion****.

5. The Wharton School; University of Pennsylvania

This school will almost always lead the pack as the best business school for undergrads. There are thousands of applications sent every year; 5,500 on average. However, only 650 of these get to be accepted. This business school offers a four year program and hence prospective students need to place an application right from high school*****. Wharton is the oldest school in the United States, founded in 1881. Student may earn a B.S. in Economics and focuses on a broad range of business and finance-related subjects******.

These schools were ranked in 2013 by Bloomberg Businessweek, using different data measures to ensure a fair rank. There were 145 undergraduate business schools in the running. Data points include:

  • 30% of score based on student satisfaction in teaching, academic services, career support, etc.
  • 20% based on employer survey to gauge which schools produced the highest quality graduates.
  • 30% based on academic quality, including SAT scores, student to faculty ratio, class size, business courses, as well as the percentage of students with internships and time devoted to classwork.
  • 10% based on median starting salaries.
  • 10% based of MBA school feeder.

The surveys and statistics use three years of data to ensure fairness and accuracy*******.


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